At the western end of the Kröpeliner Straße, known locally as Kröpe, Kröpeliner Tor, the impressive medieval city gate, still stands. At one time there were 22 gates, but only 4 remain. Facing the central square, the 13th-century Rathaus (City Hall), features a famous bronze snake on its leftmost column. According to local lore, residents cited the snake to prove they were from Rostock.
Kröpeliner Tor Marienkirche Rathaus Universität
Not far away, on the Lange Straße, the city´s beautiful 12th-century Marienkirche is adorned with an elaborate clock. Each day noon, Apostles prance out from the timepiece and meet Jesus to become sanctified. After the blessing, they parade through the heavenly gates, which slam behind them leaving one figure outside-the straggler is Judas. Behind Alter Friedhof in Lindenpark is a Jewish cemetery and monument. The tall building on August Bebel Straße was headquarters for the notorious East German secret police.

Hotels and Restaurants

There are some 50 restaurants near the pier. Warnemünde, a pleasant resort town, is a perfect place to enjoy a warm Baltiv day.

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